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What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

        Medigap is another name for Medicare Supplement Insurance, the purpose of this insurance is to fill some of the "gaps" that original Medicare does not cover. This type of insurance does not replace your Medicare but instead supplements it, in order to give you the best healthcare coverage.

        The best time to get a Medicare Supplement is when you are first aging into Medicare because you have an open enrollment period. When you are in your open enrollment you have the right to get on any Medicare Supplement with no health questions asked. If you miss your open enrollment period to get on a Medicare Supplement you will still have the opportunity to apply for coverage but instead you may have to answer health questions to see if you qualify. This may also have an impact on the premium you pay for coverage.

        There are 10 standardized Medigap policies, its important to compare these plans closely in order to decide which plan best fits your healthcare needs. Though a plan N, F, and G are all different in benefits. A plan G with one company is the exact same as a plan G with another company since they are all standardized by law. Please contact one of our Medicare Supplement Specialists to help guide as to which plan may be the best for your needs.